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We can notarize a variety of documents including, but not limited to:

○ Affidavits

○ Acknowledgments

○ Financial documents

○ Insurance claims

○ Legal documents

○ Medical documents

○ Mortgage documents

○ Power of Attorney

○ School permission statements

○ Living Wills

○ Photo Inspections

○ Vehicle Delivery




American Association of Notaries

Carolina Signing Association


We are not attorneys.  We do not provide legal Advice




(704) 251-9573

Notarial Services Provided


Provided by Appointment.  Conducted at an agreed upon location.  provided to, but not limitd to:
Fees  The maximum fees that a notary may charge are as follows:
For acknowledgments, jurats, verifications or proofs:  $5.00 per principal signature.
For oaths or affirmations without signature: $5.00 per person (except for oaths or affirmations administered to credible witnesses to vouch for the idenity of a principal or subscribing witness)
Signing Agent fees range from $45.00 to $200.00 for complete mortgage Documents.  Check for pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My spouse cannot appear before the Notary, can I bring his/her driver’s license?
No. Personal appearance is required.


2. Can a Notary answer questions about the content of my document?
No. You may choose to contact an attorney, licensed professional, or the document’s issuing or receiving agency.


3. Is it okay for a close family member to notarize my document?
Though not under a legal duty to refrain, a Notary Public should not perform any official act with regard to any matter in which the Notary is personally involved, directly or indirectly.


4. If I do not have a proper ID, will the Notary notarize for me?
No. The Notary will arrange for you to return with a proper ID or credible witness (someone who knows the notary and you).


5.  My friend doesn’t speak English, can a Notary notarize a document for him?
No. The Notary must always be able to communicate directly with the signer to determine awareness.


6. Can notarizations be performed over the Internet or telephone?
No. Personal appearance is required.


7. A Notary notarized my documents with an ink seal. Is it illegal to notarize without using an embosser?
North Carolina requires an embosser or ink stamp.


8. Who may apply for appointment as a Notary Public in NC
Any person who is at least 18 years of age.



○ Individuals

○ Churches

○ Hospitals

○ Law Offices

○ Organizations

○ Clubs

○ Hotels

○ Nursing homes

○ Schools

Fee Schedule
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